People look for things to invest their hard-earned money in that over time grow in value. With that is the impending question that is “where?” Where is it best possible to invest in? Real estate in general has been seen burgeoning in the last couple of decades—with infrastructures being constantly developed one after the other. That alone should be enough to mostly consider real estate, but most especially because these days investing in a real estate property has become the norm. But “where exactly?”. Real estate in Cebu has been on a high. Realtors equally developing residential and commercial spaces for locals and tourists alike that not only provide ample spaces for haven but also for experiences. If investors see Cebu probable to invest real estate in, so should you.

Here are the reasons on why you should invest real estate in Cebu

Cebu’s rich history
It is a known fact that Cebu was the first settlement of the Spaniards during their colonization, also making the island the oldest city in the country. With this, are beautiful structural remnants of the past that you can still see across the island. Also, during that time, Cebu’s trading prowess was greatly considered to an extent it was named after the fact. “Sinibuayng Hingpit” meaning the place for trading” was where Cebu was named after—later on it became “Sibu/Sibo” meaning to trade. Cebu also sits one of the oldest schools in the country, the University of San Carlos (est. in 1595). Cebu has one of the most colorful and rich histories in the Philippines. Anywhere you look you can see a piece of history left by time.

Cebu’s location is a beauty in itself. It sits in the central part of the Philippines—in Visayas, the middle among the major islands and in its region, in Central Visayas. With Cebu being in the middle of the archipelago, surrounded by deep blue seas, it is in an ideal position for shipping; in fact, Cebu is base for most of the domestic shipping in the country. Cebu’s strategic location comes at an advantage in terms of travel. Testament to this is the number of sea and air linkages that Cebu have—which is more than Manila. Cebu is also in a place where earthquakes and typhoons do not commonly occur, which makes the island’s location and the island itself an ideal place to invest in. It is also important to note that Cebu is the gateway for the Central and Southern Philippines. The greatness of the island’s location is best expressed on the Department of Trade and Industry’s website: “Cebu’s central location, proximity to unusually exotic tourist destinations, ready access to a diversity of plant, animal and geological wonders within the island, and remoteness from earthquake and typhoon activity are some of the special attributes which help maintain Cebu’s attractiveness to investors”.

With Cebu being in Central Visayas, the region with the fifth largest regional economy, it is no surprise that Cebu also boasts with one of the fastest growing economy. With the relentless boom of the island’s economic pillars, the continued growth of the island’s economy in the year and the years ahead is inevitable. Real estate, retail, tourism, and IT-BPM (information technology-business process management) sectors continue to make Cebu’s economy roar. These sectors have continually driven the economy of Cebu with their constant growth. Which in turn, makes Cebu an ideal place to invest in due to the abundance of resources and opportunities.

Work-Life Balance
Cebu is an island that is able to offer a work-life balance to its people. One can tirelessly bustle in the city and then unwind to avoid the pandemonium at the beach after. With the island’s size of approximately 5,000 square kilometers, destinations are just a drive away. One minute you are enjoying the food in the city, next thing you know you’re at the mountains of Busay, chilling or if not, your frolicking at the beaches of Bantayan. Cebu and its cities and municipalities are truly accessible and there is no greater feeling than to have the best of both worlds—urban and provincial life—at your disposal.

Modern Cebu
There is so much to look forward to for Cebu in the coming years. With infrastructures being slowly developed—in SRP most notably and of course, in some other parts in Cebu—the skies of the city will soon be filled of the new modern Cebu. Not only that, there are also plans about a monorail to help ease the problems of traffic. A second runway is also underway for the Mactan Cebu International Airport, which means more flights for Cebu both locally and internationally. The rise of new infrastructures courtesy of the booming industry that is real estate, will pave the way for the modern Cebu—new hotels, new restaurants, new resorts, are to be looked forward to—which, presumably, should be enough to excite and convince about the island’s future.

This list about convincing you to invest real estate in the city would not be complete without the people. Cebu is packed with the warmest people you’ll meet. Smiles and laughter albeit the growing struggles. Cebuanos will simply make you feel home and part of a one big, diverse family. Indeed, this cosmopolitan island, is a melting pot for people of different backgrounds and culture that converge in a beautiful harmonious way.
In conclusion, investing real estate in Cebu is a great idea because of so many factors that are not only economically beneficial, but also individually for a person. With the real estate industry burgeoning in the coming years, that should imply more doors are being opened for individuals—both literally and figuratively. To put it, when you invest in Cebu, you are getting more than what you paid for.

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