People often doubt their capacity to decide on their own. Most of the time they’d resort to online articles and  publications for that much needed convincing. In real estate, Investors and end-users—the two types of unit buyers—often seek advices from online reviews or real estate agents to help them with their decision to purchase. With the constant growth of Cebu’s economy and the rapid increase in numbers of real estate infrastructures is the impending question “to which real estate does one invest their hard-earned money in?”.

In a sea of real estate projects in Cebu is Le Menda Residences, a unique offering by VestaHomes Commercial Inc. Le Menda Residences sets itself apart from most condominiums offered in the city by being the only condominium that offers fully furnished units. This 21-storey condominium with over 308 residential units will truly make you experience the Aussie standard of living and will fully convince you to live the Le Menda way.


Le Menda Residences sits its infrastructure at Plazaville Subdivision, Veterans Drive, Busay, Cebu City. Making this condominium in the city the highest placed. With this position are spectacular views of the mountains of Busay, the Mactan harbor, and the city of Cebu; all of which are equally breathtaking during the day and night. The location not only provides views that leave you in awe, but it will also bring you serenity as Le Menda Residences is at a high-end residential area that is private and peaceful.

Le Menda Residences’ location in Busay proves to be at an advantage for its clients and those interested. A 7-minute drive down the highway and you’re at one the most progressive areas in Cebu. 7 minutes down and you can go to JY Square Mall or be in IT Park where both work and leisure are at an abundance. 10-20 minutes up, flourishing tourist destinations await you. There is the Temple of Leah, Sirao Flower Garden, and the Tops Lookout to name some. Le Menda Residences’ location won’t surely bore you, especially with the abundance of spectacle it provides.


Of the many things Le Menda Residences prides itself for, being the only condominium that offers fully furnished units in the city tops the list. Packed with everything you need to move into a new space, each unit at Le Menda Residences will instantly become your personal haven the moment it is turned over to you. With complete sets of living, dining, kitchen, entertainment, and bedroom, the only thing you’ll have to bring is yourself.

Also taking into account the fact that unit buyers consider amenities as one of the bigger factors they look at when buying condo units, Le Menda Residences provides its clients top-of-the-line and luxurious amenities—going out of the premises is not and will stop being an option. The ground floor will occupy most of the commercial spaces e.g. restaurant/café, salon, convenience store, etc.; the second floor will hold the gym and fitness center, theater room, and game room; and the eighth floor will house the 5 by 10 meters infinity pool complete with a kiddie pool, a sauna and BBQ area.

So, to which real estate should one invest their hard-earned money in? With this unique offering we’re hoping we’ve answered the question to this query. Le Menda Residences will allow its clients to experience what spectacular high living is without sacrificing one’s comfort and convenience; and it will surely bring the Aussie standard of living to Cebu, bringing something unprecedented in the real estate industry.

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