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Sales Recognition for October 2021

Posted:November 12, 2021

October was such a spectacular month for sales at Vestahomes Commercial because we truly felt the gravity of each of your support. With this, we here at Vestahomes Commercial would want to acknowledge these efforts and celebrate them for the relentless support towards Le Menda Residences and Le Menda Residences Nivel Hills.

Last November 5, 2021, Friday, the Sales Recognition for the month of October took place at the Le Menda Residences Showroom. Present during the awarding were Vestahomes Commercial’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Mr. Louelle Judilla, Sales Coordinators, Ms. Jacklyn Ordinal-Tabada and Mr. Edgar Baguhin, and Sales Administrator, Ms. Rhoda Aureo. The awarding was also graced by the presence of Dr. Akram Arar, Vestahomes Commercial Financial Controller.

A huge congratulations to the following sellers for their spectacular efforts:
Flaminia Realty
Ms. Maria Nara Granada

M2M Realty & Brokerage
Ms. Rosalie Pelones

Quikmov Realty & Brokerage
Ms. Minerva Dorado

Tellus Real Estate Brokerage
Mr. Jerold Abadingo

Bachelor’s Realty & Brokerage
Mr. Ian Bersabal
Ms. Emily Tampus

Thinkwise Realty & Brokerage
Ms. Michelle Alfonso

Ms. Jennyvi Granada

Estardo Fabulous Realty
Mr. Jupil Panghubasan
Mr. Sinambong Samson
Ms. Jeliane Tanque

Land Asia Realty & Development Corporation
Ms. Ana Bacus Costaños
Ms. Gliceria Loyloy
Mr. Jessrick Ocariza

I-Own Platinum Properties Realty & Brokerage
Ms. Marilyn Andales
Ms. Perseus Enriquez
Ms. Elvie Mirez
Ms. Concordia Navarro
Ms. Honey Lynn Reguero

In-house Sales
Ms. Lucille Tabornal

Top Seller Awardee
Ms. Angela Ramirez
of I-Own Platinum Properties Realty & Brokerage

Top Realty Awardee
I-Own Platinum Properties Realty & Brokerage

Here at Vestahomes Commercial, we celebrate all victories, and we wish to see more of you celebrating your own sales victories in the next month or very soon.

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